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Full Time

PSD Marketing Manager at Epiroc


Date Posted: February 2, 2024


While this role provides avenues for internal growth within PSD, such as positions like BDM, BLM, and others, its core mission is to oversee marketing processes related to spare parts and service sales. It involves the development of new products and services, as well as planning, operation, and management of spare parts inventory. The incumbent will offer crucial marketing support for product and service development across different divisions within the customer center. The ultimate goal is to ensure customer loyalty, achieve a greater market share, increase sales volume, and enhance profitability through strategic implementation.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Design of Marketing Plan:
    • Develop the area’s Marketing Plan considering market research, target customer definition, marketing strategy, and marketing mix definition.
    • Control the implementation and progress of the plan.
  2. Sales Area Collaboration:
    • Establish a close relationship with the sales area.
    • Provide strategies and commercial plans to meet monthly sales goals.
  3. Coordination and Agreements:
    • Coordinate with the factory PSD Marketing area.
    • Support customer management CRM for sales.
  4. Personnel Management:
    • Fully manage personnel under your dependence.
    • Handle recruitment, training, promotions, compensation, evaluations, succession plan, etc.
  5. Action Plans and Implementation:
    • Prepare and execute action plans aligned with the group’s marketing strategy.
  6. Equipment Fleet Management:
    • Keep the fleet of Epiroc equipment in the assigned market identified and updated.
  7. Commercial Support and Analysis:
    • Provide commercial support to the sales team and customers on after-sales products and services.
    • Identify and analyze trends, determine system improvements.
  8. Budget and Planning:
    • Collaborate on the annual budget, analyze variations, and initiate corrective actions.
    • Establish strategies for setting and recommending selling prices.
  9. Cost Monitoring and Promotion:
    • Monitor costs on supply and demand in coordination with Supply Chain.
    • Plan, develop, implement, and evaluate trade promotion.
  10. Stock Level Control and Training:
    • Maintain stock level control and liaise with internal and external customers.
    • Provide information and training to customers related to after-sales.
  11. Communication and Reporting:
    • Practice active listening and effective communication.
    • Prepare and deliver reports as per assigned responsibilities.

Competences, Skills, and Experience

  • Civil, Commercial, Mining, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical Engineer with a Sales or Marketing specialization or compatible experience.
  • Proficient in English for communication with customers and factories abroad.
  • 3-5 years of previous experience in managing service sales teams and/or as a Product Manager in mining or related positions.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Customer service orientation with excellent oral and written communication skills.

Successful Behaviors for this Position

  • Aligning operations with organizational goals.
  • Establishing and maintaining influential relationships.
  • Inspiring and leading a diverse team.
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Adapting to changing situations.
  • Clear and effective communication.
  • Commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs.
  • Competence in recruiting, training, and managing a high-performing team.
  • Focus on achieving measurable results and key performance indicators.
  • Understanding health and safety regulations.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Proficiency in identifying and addressing challenges in the sales process.
  • Strong project management skills, including planning, organizing, and managing complex projects within tight timeframes.
  • Understanding budget management, cost control, and resource allocation.

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Deadline: February 19, 2024