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Full Time

Fraud Prevention & Monitoring Manager at Vodafone


Date Posted: February 2, 2024

Role Overview

Responsible for designing and overseeing an effective fraud management operation within the telecom sector, implementing industry-leading strategies to safeguard revenue streams, uphold business reputation, mitigate the risk of regulatory fines, minimize subscriber losses, and prevent disruptions to overall operations.

Key Accountabilities and Decision Ownership

  1. General Fraud Management Operations:
    • Manage Fraud Management operations to timely identify and mitigate incidents of fraud.
    • Deploy controls and systems to prevent and detect various fraud types.
  2. Fraud Risk Reviews and Mitigation:
    • Coordinate fraud risk reviews for key products and services.
    • Lead identification and implementation of mitigation measures for new fraud schemes.
    • Perform scheduled fraud risk assessments.
  3. Reports, Trends, and Compliance:
    • Review Fraud-related reports and analyze internal and external trends.
    • Address audit and compliance issues.
    • Engage in external/internal Fraud forum activities.
  4. Legal and Legislative Coordination:
    • Coordinate and deliver on all lawful Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Disclosure policies and legislative guidelines.

Professional Qualifications

  • Education:
    • First degree in Computer Science.
    • Chartered Accountant or an MBA.
    • Certified Information Systems Auditor.
    • A related professional qualification will be an added advantage.

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Deadline: February 16, 2024