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Full Time

External Communications Manager at Vodafone


Date Posted: February 1, 2024

Role Overview

The role involves developing and executing communication strategies, focusing on managing corporate brand, mitigating risks, and leveraging opportunities to safeguard and enhance reputation and brand value.

Key Accountabilities and Decision Ownership

  1. Foundation and Sustainability Communication:
    • Liaise with the Foundation and Sustainability manager to facilitate internal and external communications.
    • Act as the communication business partner for senior management, providing relevant solutions to build the Vodafone brand.
  2. Integrated Communication Plans:
    • Develop and execute integrated communication plans aligned with strategic business objectives.
    • Establish policy standards for Corporate Communications in line with Group standards.
  3. Media Management and Positive Exposure:
    • Manage media exposure for the CEO and SMT members.
    • Monitor news items and take mitigation measures on negative stories.
    • Track reporting on VF Ghana and competitors in key news channels.
    • Pitch stories to generate positive news for the Vodafone brand.
  4. Content Creation and Social Media Strategy:
    • Create content for news releases, articles, speeches, and presentations.
    • Develop and implement a social media strategy for VF to enhance competitive advantage.
    • Apply monthly themes to various content across news channels.
  5. Profile and Reputation Enhancement:
    • Develop programs to enhance Vodafone’s profile and reputation.
    • Prepare position papers on critical industry issues.
    • Position Vodafone as a thought leader through relevant engagements.
  6. Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Building:
    • Lead the development and implementation of a stakeholder engagement strategy.
    • Be the key person for building and sustaining relations with all Vodafone’s key stakeholders.
    • Organize quarterly media/stakeholder encounters for networking.
  7. Issue Management and PR Agency Coordination:
    • Develop an issue management log to track stakeholder issues.
    • Manage Vodafone’s relationship with the PR agency.

Professional Qualifications and Skills

  • Education:
    • Bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Experience:
    • Good understanding of environmental and socio-economic agendas.
    • Knowledgeable in Social Responsibility with a focus on the Ghanaian environment.
    • Strong organization and communication skills.
    • Ability to work independently and under pressure.
    • Good interpersonal skills to accommodate diverse opinions.
  • Expertise:
    • Demonstrable expertise in understanding organizational audiences’ needs and delivering appropriate messages.
    • Prior experience in developing and implementing effective strategic external communication plans for a large organization.

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Deadline: February 16, 2024