how to apply for internal application jobs

Perhaps you’ve seen the prompt “Please fill out Profile and My Resume sections to apply for internal jobs” while trying to apply for certain jobs. This post will provide a reason for that and point you in the right direction.

There are three different kinds of job application based on the application mode selected by the employer. These include;

  • Internal Application
  • External Application and
  • Application Via Email

This post will focus mainly on internal application because this is the only application type that serves the prompt. Before we delve deeper however, let’s talk briefly about the other two application types.

external application

External application is when the job seeker is redirected to another website to continue with the job application process. Once the Apply Now button is clicked, this assigned website will open in another tab for the continuation of the application.

application via email

Application via email is exactly what the name suggests. Once a job seeker clicks on the Apply Now button, a dialogue box opens up with fields for different inputs. There is a field for full name, email address and phone number of the applicant. There is also a field for writing a short cover letter and a field to upload a resume. Upon filling in all the required fields, the application will automatically be forwarded to the email address of the employer. The employer then manages the application from his or her personal inbox.

internal application

Internal application is quite different from the other two. To be able to apply for a job that uses internal application, you need to fill out the Profile section located within the candidate dashboard. You also need to fill out My Resume section as indicated in the screenshot. This is the reason for the prompt you may have encountered.

Not all the fields within the Profile and My Resume sections are necessary. Fill in as much as you can until you reach 80%. You can apply for internal jobs with a skills percentage of 80% and above. Sensitive information like date of birth and age will not be visible to anybody except you, not even employers or site administrators will see those so don’t worry.

Phone numbers and email addresses of job seekers however may be made available to verified recruiters who are seeking to fill positions within companies. To learn how CorporateGh manages your email address and phone number, please read this guide. As you fill in more sections, the percentage of completed profile increases. You can check the percentage of your completed profile from your dashboard as shown in the screenshot below.

With internal application, everything is processed on the CorporateGh platform. These include receiving applications, sorting them out and shortlisting candidates. The employer can also notify successful candidates of interview schedules as well as notify unsuccessful candidates to try next time.

Once the Profile and My Resume sections within the candidate dashboard are filled, all a job seeker has to do to apply for a job is click on the Apply Now button, that’s it. You will immediately receive a feedback alerting you of a successful job application like shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking on the Apply Now button, the employer will be notified of a new application for the job under consideration. The employer will then be able to view your complete profile and download the resume you uploaded into the My Resume section.

To learn more about how to conveniently search and apply for jobs on CorporateGh, please check out our YouTube Channel for helpful tutorials for job seekers. You can also visit our FAQ page to access more information. Alternatively, you can send us an inquiry via any of the channels provided on our contact page.

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