view contact details in candidate database

The email addresses and phone numbers within the candidate database have been hidden to protect the privacy of our users. These information can however be made available to verified recruiters who are looking for talent to fill roles within their organizations.

This page provides a brief guide on how to unlock the contact details of candidates. The screenshots below illustrate the locked and unlocked contact information on the candidate profile page. 

The candidate contact information can be unlocked by purchasing a stand-alone Contact Details Package. This package is different from a Job Posting Package and is intended for recruiters who want to invite talents for interviews based on their profile rather than advertising job vacancies. To skip this post and go straight to the package order page, please click here.

Depending on the specific package purchased, the contact information will be unlocked for either one week, one month, one year or forever. The packages have been designed taking into consideration recruiting firms that will like to use CorporateGh as their preferred talent search destination.

Apart from unlocking the email address and phone number, purchasing the package also unlocks the ability to chat with candidates using a proprietary chat feature built into the CorporateGh platform as illustrated below.

Next, the package also unlocks a contact form that enables a recruiter to email a candidate directly from the CorporateGh platform without an email application as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Finally, the package allows recruiters to download a copy of the original CV uploaded by the candiate in addition to the CV automatically generated within the corporategh platform.

In summary, the contact details package unlocks the messaging app, phone number, email address, original CV and a contact form to email the candidate right from within the CorporateGh platform.

As a way of saying thank you to employers who use CorporateGh for their recruiting needs, every standard, premium or enterprise job package purchased comes with a free contact details package valid for one week. Call the numbers displayed on our contact page after purchasing a job package to enjoy this offer.

To learn more about how to conveniently post jobs and manage your entire recruitment process on CorporateGh, please check out our YouTube Channel for helpful tutorials for employers. You can also visit our FAQ page to access more information. Alternatively, you can send us an inquiry via any of the channels provided on our contact page.

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